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Guides in San Pedro of Atacama

Why I made Atacama Contact?

Atacama Contact is the result of 18 years of experience as a tour guide in this region.

Before settling down, I traveled through South America, and along the Andes, getting to know the culture and diversity of the continent as well as enjoying climbing mountains and their walls. After experiencing this trade in all its formats; Working in luxury hotels, village agencies, expeditions, climbing mountains, astronomy guide, etc... I felt obliged to undertake this initiative, because really as a guide, I couldn't find a satisfying place to work at.

I developed this company, to solve the problem of quality in tourism experiences we have in Atacama, for both travelers and those who work here.

Through an interactive map you can navigate the region, observing the wealth of possibilities that it offers you. Then we can organize excursions tailored to your interests, in an ideal format that gives the opportunity to the workers to enjoy activities much more varied and interesting than those offered in conventional tourism.

Why do we live in San Pedro of Atacama?

Atacama is a wonderful place, we live in an immeasurable desert that surrounds us in its silence, shaped by landscapes that change radically depending on altitude and the geology. From our small village, we contemplate the high Andean summits and the numerous ravines and canyon that cross the Andes range, calling us to climb them and feel alive. San Pedro of Atacama connects us with the world, here, people of all nationalities of the planet meet and celebrate.

In this place, our perception of time changes, our sensation of humility and how small we are within the cosmos are accentuated. Millennial geological processes are exposed on the bare desert soil. It would seem, that if we stop, and pay enough attention, we can observe the planet modulate its living language, cellular and geological expressed in its enormous extensions.

During the night, we experience the powerful presence of the night sky, we see order in the stars and we revolve around the enormous galactic disc that crosses the sky.

You're welcome to visit.

Pablo García

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