Arrangements for your stay in San Pedro de Atacama

Transport Calama / San Pedro de Atacama

Choose one of these options to determine your transportation in and out from Calama airport to your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama. Transfer in / Transfer Out


Trans VIP: aprox 15.000 per person,

Transfer Pampa: aprox 15.000 p/p,

Private reference total prices

Atacama Contact private transfer with guide:

3 persons, 135.000 clp

8 persons: 195.000 clp

14 persons: 211.000 clp

Atacama Contact private transfer without guide:

4 persons, 105.000 clp

8 persons: 165.000 clp

14 persons: 181.000 clp

Hotels in San Pedro de Atacama

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Atacama Contact

Callejon Real 576,

San Pedro de Atacama

+56 9 9829 5614