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Mountaineering in the Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert presents us the rare opportunity to climb high mountains, with altitudes between 5600 and 6000 meters, in a single day, without need for technical mountaineering skills or experience. Accompanied by experts mountaineering guides and with good acclimatization, any person who enjoys trekking can experience the Andes summits.


Special Itineraries

Magic Stairway

During your trip climb 4 classic mountains. After your acclimatization, ascend these summits at your leisure.

5 Full Days, We can accommodate them to your itinerary, no need to climb them all at once

Difficulty: Medium/Challenging

Trip Type: Mountaineering, Physical challenge.

1rst Mountain: Toco

2nd Mountain: Lascar

3rd Mountain: Sairecabur

4rth Mountain: Licancabur (2 days)


Previous acclimatization is necessary. Roam the altiplano's salt flats and climb a real 6000 m. Acamarachi has 6046 meters of altitude.

3 Full Days

Difficulty: Hard

Trip Type: Trekking, Mountaineering, Physical challenge.

1rst day: Tara / Aguas Calientes trek.

2nd day: Aguas Calientes / Pujsa trek.

3rd day: Climb of the Acamarachi 6048m

Atacama Challenge / Llullaillaco

We start with some serious acclimatization and then head towards Llullaillaco, the 2nd highest active volcano, the highest in the region with 6739 m. One of Chile's highest mountains.
This adventure is only recommended for experienced mountain climbers.

12 Full Days

Difficulty: Hard

Trip Type: Trekking, Mountaineering, Physical challenge.

1rst day: Ckari Canyon trek and Rainbow Valley visit.

2nd day: Ckari Machuca / Río Grande trek.

3rd day: Soquete climb.

4th day: Rest.

5th day: Tara / Aguas Calientes trek.

6th day: Aguas Calientes / Pujsa trek.

7th day: Acamarachi climb.

8th day: Rest before Llullaillaco.

9th day: Zorritas refuge 4700m.

10th day: Campo alto (high camp) 5700m.

11th day: Summit 6739m.

12th day: Return to San Pedro.

Summits of the Atacama

To improve your chances of crowning an Andean summit, and to make your experience a pleasant one, first you must go through the process of acclimatization. During this time your body will adapt to desert conditions, and will be stimulated to adapt to the lack of oxygen by producing more red blood cells. We recommend you before attempting any summit, to spend at least 3 days performing activities in high altitude, going up during the day and down at night so a natural, gradual adaptation can take place, thus avoiding high altitude sickness.

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Mountain Equipment:

The mountain conditions in the Atacama Desert are relatively good allowing us to climb these peaks without needing very technical equipment.

- High cane trekking boots or hiking boots
- Layer system for the legs and torso; primarily a shirt, fleece and windbreaker or warm jacket
The layer system principally consists of a waterproof layer to keep you dry, a layer that generates heat next to the body and a final layer that isolates us from external factors such as wind and keeps a layer of warm air next to the body.
- A hat to protect against the wind and sun, something to protect the face, chin and ears against the wind
- Gloves
- High Altitude Sunglasses
- Walking sticks (helpful but not essential)



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