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Rock Climbing in San Pedro de Atacama

Rock climbing is a dance, where the climber sees in the stone a language of fluid movements, his mind learns to always see the possibilities and at times we forget the world to become part of the rock. Atacama Contact offers you the two most notable climbing sites in its midst.

We're sorry to inform you that the climbing sites are closed, climbing is forbidden because of the irresponsible use of the areas by the visiting climbers. The local climbers are dealing with the local indigenous communities to try to get to terms. You can still contact us to climb at other areas we have explored but we cant share the locations.


Socaire, Nacimiento Canyon

80 km to the south of San Pedro, is one of the most important sites for rock climbing in northern Chile. It has more than 80 routes for sports climbing and with innumerable fissures to climb in classic. This place is also ideal to appreciate the flora and fauna of the pre-altiplanic canyons. It's an excellent, clean place to camp, and enjoy climbing.

Topo Nacimiento

Toconao, Quebrada Jerez

Just 35 km south of San Pedro, there's a stream that supplies to the town of Toconao with its water. This area is visited mainly by local climbers and is in full development, the soil of the ravine undergoes constant changes, produced by the alluviums that descend from the Andes mountain range during the altiplanic winter (February rains). It has 6 climbing sectors and 35 routes, 14 sports, 16 traditional, and 5 mixed. See our topo.

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