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Chungara lake atacama desert


Altiplanic Expeditions and Uyuni Salt Flat

We offer this format of collective expeditions through which we can gather people interested in making the same trips on the same dates to make prices more accessible. These tours are also available for private groups. In this modality we concentrate on offering trips that combine the most remarkable of the Atacama Desert with the wonders of the Bolivian plateau and the Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest in the world. In addition we offer a trip for mountaineers with emphasis on trekking and mountain climbing.

Uyuni Salt Flat
4 Days

Only private groups

Atacama & Uyuni
7 Days


01 September

06 October

10 November


06 April

10 May

07 September

12 October

16 November

21 December


08 September

13 October

17 November


13 April

17 May

14 September

19 October

23 November

28 December

1114 USD per person

Max 8 persons group

Atacama & Altiplano
12 Days


15 September

20 Octobre

15 December

20 April

21 September

26 October


27 September

01 November

27 December


02 May

03 October

07 November

2127 USD per person

Max 8 persons group

10 Days


24 November

30 November


4 December


10 December

1625 USD per person

Max 8 persons group

Prices include accommodation in Bolivia and the meals mentioned. Does not include accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama or transfer from the airport. We give you the freedom to choose from the variety of offers available for these services. Use the button next to this text to choose between the different options.

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Uyuni Salt Flat

Duration: 4 Days

Difficulty: Easy

Discover the incredible natural landscapes of the Bolivian Altiplano, Laguna Colorada, Geiseres Sol de Mañana, Uyuni Salt Flat and many more places. The special trip includes the best hotels at the bolivian altiplano.

Expedition san pedro de atacama and uyuni, tour san pedro de atcama and uyuni

Atacama Desert & Uyuni

Duration: 7 Days

Difficulty: Easy

Discover the Atacama Desert and the Bolivian Altiplano visiting the impressive Uyuni Salt Flat. The special trip includes the best hotels at the bolivian altiplano.

Atacama desert and uyuni expedition

Atacama & Altiplano

Duration: 12 Days

Difficulty: Easy

Discover the Atacama Desert, the Bolivian Altiplano passing through the Uyuni Salt Flat and the northern Chilean Altiplano. We end this trip on the coast of Arica.

Mountaineering expedition atacama, mountain climbing expedition atacama altiplano, mointain trekking atacama desert and bolivian altiplano


Duration: 10 Days

Difficulty: Intermediate/Hard

Get to know the most remarkable places of the Atacama and the Bolivian Altiplano through this trip especially oriented to the activities of trekking and mountaineering. We will crown the summits of the volcano Lascar, Licancabur and the Uturuncu 6008m high.

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